Insecurities: How Do They Affect You Living Your Best Life?

Ever noticed how after the first time you notice something, you start to notice it everywhere all the time? Like the first time you realized you liked a particular car or a certain style of dress and then after that, you begin to see that car or style all the time? Well, I do the […]

5 Tips to Enjoy National Masturbation Month

In honor of National Masturbation Month we decided to give you some tips on enjoying your next session. Learning what pleasures you and how to get there is just as fun as it sounds. Next time you are on a solo mission try these tips to make your trip to the Big O a memorable […]

5 Things You Should Know About Your Body and Sex

Therapists do not know everything. That is why we consult, refer and continue to take classes and receive training even after we have been seeing clients for a while. (CLICK HERE for other surprising facts about your therapist) Human beings are complex! Effective therapists must make sure they are well informed about all aspects of human […]

Empathy After a Crisis

In the past years a lot of people have been on an emotional roller-coaster. Whether it was the multiple shootings of blacks, LGBT, and cops, the political election, war, protest or just news of your fave celebrity dying or splitting with their partner, emotions have been elevated which means media (social and otherwise) has been intense. […]

Date Night: Game Night

This may not sound like a typical date night but it meets many of the aspects you may find necessary to call a meeting a date. Food, quality times, new memories and the possibility of sex at the end of it. J So why not plan a gathering for a few friends. Ease (2/5)   […]

3 Reasons Jokes Cause More Damage than Laughs

Most people enjoy laughter and want a relationship full of it. What happens when the jokes are no longer funny and shines light on issues in the relationship? Making light of your partner or the relationship problems can be problematic and sometimes abusive. Here are 3 reasons joking in your relationship is no laughing matter. […]

5 Things You Should Know About Therapists

Therapists are a mystery to many people. If you have never been to therapy there may be some confusion about the whole process. Is it someone telling you how to live your life or just staring at you as you talk? Before entering into a therapeutic relationship, here are the 5 essential things you should […]

Success: Real and Ridiculous

Ask anybody what they want in life and I can guarantee you their answer will be “success”. They may not say the word exactly, but that’s what they mean. They may say they want the money, the cars, the clothes and (if their parents didn’t raise them with manners) the hoes, but really, they just […]

Getting the Love You Want

How much time do you spend thinking about other people’s love language? A lot of people have become aware of love languages and their importance in relationships (Click Here for a breakdown of the love languages). You may know your love language and understand that everyone doesn’t have the same language but just knowing that […]

Date Night: Movies Under the Stars

The last couple months there have been some much anticipated movies released. So a natural date idea is to head to the movies. While there is nothing wrong with this idea why not try to add a little extra thought. Rather than going to a regular movie theater, check out alternatives. From drive in movies […]