Date Night: 16 Romantic Candle Light Dinner Ideas

There’s nothing more romantic than enjoying a softly lit dinner by candlelight. If it’s been awhile since you’ve treated your significant other to a romantic dinner, a candlelit dinner is the way to go! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with taking them out to your favorite restaurant but did you know that there are many […]

Date Night: Game Night

This may not sound like a typical date night but it meets many of the aspects you may find necessary to call a meeting a date. Food, quality times, new memories and the possibility of sex at the end of it. J So why not plan a gathering for a few friends. Ease (2/5)   […]

Date Night: Movies Under the Stars

The last couple months there have been some much anticipated movies released. So a natural date idea is to head to the movies. While there is nothing wrong with this idea why not try to add a little extra thought. Rather than going to a regular movie theater, check out alternatives. From drive in movies […]

Date Night: What’s Your Fantasy?

It’s time to add a little creativity to your date night. We are talking about fantasies and creating a full date night based on what you desire. No, this doesn’t have to be sexual but it’s more fun if it is. Your fantasy could be traveling to a different city in a faraway country or […]

Date Night: Weekend Getaway

Road trip? Short airplane ride? Do these things sound like the beginning of an awesome date? What do you think about a weekend getaway for a date idea? You can drive a couple hours away or take a short flight to another state. Vacations give you the opportunity to get to know each other but […]

Date Night: Bring on the Romance

Turn down the lights and turn up the romance. Yes, this week’s date is a simple romantic evening. Make sure you include everything from candles to cloth napkins. Have the music nice and slow and keep the mood light. That is all you need to have great date night and maybe an even greater morning. […]

Keep Dating: 3 Reasons You Should Never Stop Dating Your Spouse

The hard part is over, right? You have met the love of your life and locked them down forever.  Now it’s time to get comfortable and settle into married life. Wrong! While getting married has plenty of benefits, they do not come without effort. When I see clients they often complain about the lack of […]

Date Night: Cooking Together

Getting to know someone while dating can often a daunting task. Some people feel like this is the worst part of dating because they want to go straight into the comfort of a relationship. Since this is not real life, coming up with date ideas where you can get to know someone without feeling like […]

Prioritize Your Pleasure: Plan a Sex Date

So you’ve reached a point in your relationship where you feel safe, content, secure, and BORED.  You regularly wonder what happened to the passion you and your partner once shared—the erotic desire that fueled your relationship with excitement.  You’re even wondering if you’ll ever experience that type of intensity with your partner ever again. It’s […]