Tips on How to Stop Feeling Lonely

It’s ironic really; we’ve never been busier than we are in the 21st century and, at the same time, we’ve never felt as lonely as we do now. Sometimes it feels like life is just passing us by without us even having a chance to participate in it. Fast food, fast pleasures, fast relationships, fast […]

Silence and the Sufferer

Silence and the Sufferer from Furaha Rooshie Asani on Vimeo. Silence wanted a new best friend So she found a Lady and befriended her But silence started getting too clingy Lady would spend all her time in Silence’s home. Eventually, Lady hardly left And because Silence didn’t realise how toxic she was becoming to Lady, […]

How The Church Failed My Mother’s Mental Health

I recently had an opportunity to participate in a discussion about the state of mental health in the Black community. This discussion was geared to how mental health treatment is often supplemented with faith and religious platitudes. The duality of this discussion was just as much frustrating as it was introspective. Throughout the discussion, I […]