Date Night: Movies Under the Stars

The last couple months there have been some much anticipated movies released. So a natural date idea is to head to the movies. While there is nothing wrong with this idea why not try to add a little extra thought. Rather than going to a regular movie theater, check out alternatives. From drive in movies to a movie on the side of a building, there are some creative ways to catch the latest flick.

Ease (4/5)    

As for most dates, if you don’t already have a place in mind you need to research. Many big cities have a drive in there or in a smaller city nearby. If there aren’t any drive-ins, see if there are any restaurants or museums that show movies on the side of the building.

Cost (1/5) 

Movie theaters have become quite luxurious. There are now movies with beds and full restaurants available. With all of these upgrades come hikes in prices. Alternative movie spaces are usually a little less expensive. Tickets are usually closer to $5 for a double feature and if you are at a drive-in it is much easier to sneak in food. Even if you forget the food, most places offer snacks and the price depends on the location of the movie. At a typical drive in you can get cheap nachos chips or hot dogs. At a restaurant you have pricier options.

Fun (4/5)    

How much do you like movies? How much do you like movies in the privacy of your car. This date is fun because of the convenience and nostalgia. If you happen to have a convertible, the date could be even more enjoyable.

Originality (4/5)    

Many people don’t realize that alternative movies are a thing so when the next movie comes out they are heading to their normal spot. Do a little research and see what alternatives can make your movie date more interesting. Lying on blankets on a lawn is at least a fun story for later.

Post Author: Eboni Harris

Eboni Harris is a relationship therapist and Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Room for Relations and host of Room for Relations: Sex and Relationship Podcast. Through her education she has learned the skills and techniques to help individuals and couple love better, stronger and longer. Through life she has learned that taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do for you and the ones you love. Her goal is to help adults communicate with clarity and honesty, love with passion and intention and teach their offspring (little ones) the value of boundaries, compassion and trust.