Room 314: Don’t Be That Guy

This week Eboni is joined by B, Summer, and Chris to discuss dealing with rejection. During the Sexy Times they discuss decrease in suicide attempts among LGBTIA teens, heterosexual women lacking in orgasms during sex and men that work out a lot tend to have a lower sex drive. Also, they decide if having sponsored trip is overrated/underrated.

Study: Teen suicide attempts fell as same-sex marriage was legalized

Heterosexual Women Orgasm Less Than Any Other Demographic When Having Sex, Study Says

Too much exercise makes men less interested in sex, study finds

5 Things You Will Learn  in This Episode

1. B didn’t like Power Rangers because of the way they fell. Yes, the way the fell.


2. Heterosexual women are orgasming less than other groups according to a study.


3. The guys are OK with an all-expense paid vacation from someone they have just started dating.


4. Rejection sucks. Shoot your shot regardless.


5. If you want to date a Roomie, text like an adult.


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Featured article:

5 Options for Rejecting Someone


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