Room 317: How Did You Learn?

This week Eboni is joined by Carl, Erin and Bernice to discuss sex education. During the Sexy Times the Roomies discuss a married couple that discovered they are related, how condoms got a brothel into trouble and an erotic theme park. Carl also brings us some Pop Culture News to add to the mix. There is also a round of Fact or Fiction about your body during sex.

Husband and wife discover they are biological twins after IVF clinic performs routine DNA test

‘Hundreds of condoms’ destroy pipe, police raid Texas massage parlor

5 Things You Will Learn

1. Bernice and his wife look alike but are not related.


2. Carl is not allowed to do POP culture topics again.


3. When Bernice was young he was taught cunnilingus tasted like cabbage.


4. Eboni was publicly shamed in 3rd grade.


5. What is an encyclopedia? We explain.



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Do you know any dope therapists other than Eboni?

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5 Things You Should Know About Your Body and Sex

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