Silence and the Sufferer

Silence and the Sufferer from Furaha Rooshie Asani on Vimeo.

Silence wanted a new best friend

So she found a Lady and befriended her

But silence started getting too clingy

Lady would spend all her time in Silence’s home.

Eventually, Lady hardly left

And because Silence didn’t realise how toxic she was becoming to Lady,

She introduced Lady to Shame

And the three of them lived together, hardly doing anything

Lady was only allowed to take one short walk round the block per day

Lady’s neighbour always noticed Lady’s sombre face

So Neighbour made an effort to smile and wave every day when Lady walked past.

At first, Lady ignored Neighbour

Then few days later she decided to glance Neighbour’s way

Gradually, she even smiled and waved back at Neighbour.

One day Neighbour sensed that it was now or never

So as Lady walked past, Neighbour stopped her

Hello Lady, my name is Courage

Are you alright?

Sensing that Courage really wanted an honest reply, Lady responded:

No…I am not. At all.

Then Courage smiled again, because she knew that Lady had taken the first step.

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Post Author: Orisirisi

Furaha Asani is a PhD candidate in the field of Infection and Immunity, who also has a passion for writing and mental health advocacy. She is committed to the de-stigmatization of mental illness, especially amongst black women. She loves lipstick, colourful bags, good food, music, and equality.