Tips on How to Stop Feeling Lonely

Olu Eletu

It’s ironic really; we’ve never been busier than we are in the 21st century and, at the same time, we’ve never felt as lonely as we do now. Sometimes it feels like life is just passing us by without us even having a chance to participate in it. Fast food, fast pleasures, fast relationships, fast business interactions – life is on an extreme high even though we collectively feel way too low. The paradox? We are the ones who have created the situation we are in and, at this point, it seems like we have no tools to beat it.

But, why do we feel as lonely as we do? There are plenty of factors involved, each with a potential to be individually discussed – from socially-conditioned triggers to internal reasons, everyone’s got their own story to struggle with. However, the connective tissue linking all these situations and people together is that one feeling everyone has a hard time processing – loneliness.

Although it may sound clichéd, but every new day is the opportunity to beat loneliness and build yourself up again. With that in mind, we’re giving you tips that will help you overcome this feeling and live a happy, productive life.

Spend time with people you love

There isn’t any amount of loneliness that cannot be negated by the beautiful energy that the people who love you can give you. For that, it’s important you stop hanging out with people who make you feel even worse (for whatever reason) and start/continue spending time with supportive people, people who think of your happiness and love you beyond everything. Open yourself up to their love and you’ll see how wonderful life will become.

Find your purpose

Often, we tend to feel lonely because we’re not doing what we love, we’re stuck in an unhealthy relationship or we’re clueless about what would make us happy. To eliminate negative emotions, write a list of things in your life that make you unhappy. Then, make a list of those that make you happy. Immediately after that, start working on eliminating everything that puts you in a bad mood (no matter how hard that may be) and include happy things in your life that would fill your days with joy.

Take up a sport

Being physically active will not only do wonders for your figure, but it will mentally freshen you up and help you deal with any negative feeling you are experiencing. Also, if you become a part of a group (interactive boxing, yoga classes, dancing, etc), you’ll feel the support you may be lacking and develop a sense of belonging, which will beautifully help you fight the feeling of loneliness.

Play with a furry friend

Caring for a pet is a “medicine” as old as time that helps in overcoming a multitude of conditions, such as anxiety, loneliness, depression and other similar feelings. Pets don’t only make us feel loved and needed, but they also encourage healthy habits, like taking them out for a walk, playing with them, running around, etc. Even a small thing like going out to get your pet’s favourite Royal Canin will give you a sense of purpose. In most cases, a pet offers fantastic companionship, so if you have one, focus your attention on them as much as possible.

Go to therapy

Regardless of the popular belief, going to therapy doesn’t mean you are clinically crazy or mentally unstable. For the most part, it’s about talking to an objective professional who can identify your problem and help you find a solution for it, leading you to build a much happier and healthier life for yourself. If you feel like you’ve been feeling lonely way too much without being able to find triggers for such feelings, talking to a professional will help.

Get out of your comfort zone

One of the main reasons we’re feeling unhappy, lonely, sad and restless is because we get stuck in a comfort zone we’ve built, despite the fact that this comfort zone is not always the best environment. Try to break free from your current modus operandi and strive to develop behaviors and habits that may not feel comfortable at first but will definitely pay off in the long run.

Fall in love

To overcome loneliness, you need to fall in love with every single aspect of your life, no matter how beautiful or horrible it is. In life, things happen to teach us lessons, and your job is to understand the lessons behind everything that’s happening to you. Love what you have, be grateful, develop a positive attitude and you’ll see your life change for better.

Post Author: Room For Relations